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This acid discharge on Little Laurel Run was recognized and sampled during the original Clearfield Creek assessment in 2003-05.   An abandoned underground entry of the Old Beldin Mine is the source of the discharge.   Average chemistry is pH 4.7, iron 20 mg/L, aluminum 0.6 mg/L and acidity 51 mg/L at a flow rate of 56 gal/min.  This discharge is the 6th significant contributor to acidity and iron in Little Laurel Run, and in combination with the Gibson treatment system, will return the lower half of the Run to allow fish and other biota.

The property has belonged to the EP Bender Coal Co. but they executed a transfer to the PA Game Commission.  Several property owners own the access road to the site.

In 2014 we received a grant of $42,350 from the EPA 319 program and accepted proposals from 4 treatment contractors for design and permitting of a treatment system for the site.  The contract was awarded to Hedin Environmental, who are currently (1/15) designing the system.  It should be constructed in 2016.

AMD draining from the Brubaker Mine