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The Ferris Wheel Revegetation aims to remove pollution and improve appearance of an abandoned strip mine, named the Ferris Wheel mine. The mine was abandoned about 50 years ago but has not grown appreciable vegetation since.   Thirty acres of land have been revegetated which removes pollution by limiting the amount of water that can contact acid bearing rock. This decreases the amount of pollution entering Little Laurel Run.  The mine is near Buckhorn on land of the Blair County Solid Waste Authority, which has collaborated with the revegetation.
     CCWA received a EPA 319 grant of $77,000 in 2006 from the State for this site and a further $169,800 in 2010 . We used alkaline ash from “cogen” plants near Ebensburg and Johnstown to neutralize the very acid “soil,” and applied a variety of other treatments including sawdust, fertilizer and several types of seed to test method of revegetation. The alkaline ash was furnished by Robindale Energy of Seward, PA. More than 2000 trees were planted at the site  by CCWA members.   The project was completed in 2012.
    In 2015, 2,500 seedlings were donated by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.  Along with their assistance, the seedlings were planted at the West Ferris Wheel Revegetation site.
    The revegetation will decrease seepage of acid, which will decrease requirements for treatment at the West Ferris Wheel project.