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Muddy Run is a major tributary of Clearfield Creek (see map at Home site). It has many acid discharges from abandoned mines. The purpose of this project is to obtain data on the discharges and formulate plans for remediation.

The main stage of the project was walking Muddy Run and all its tributaries by volunteers and checking for acid or iron-bearing inflows. These were marked, field measurements taken of pH, conductance and latitude-longitude (by GPS). From these observations, 28 sites were selected for monthly sampling for a year. Weirs for measuring flow were installed at each selected site.

Monthly sampling of the 28 sites started in December 2008 and was completed in November 2009. Water samples were sent to a laboratory for analysis of metals and acidity. Samples and measurements were also made at the mouth of Muddy Run and several sites upstream. The data on discharges are being evaluated for treatment methods and priority by New Miles of Blue Stream and CCWA members. A report describing the results is in preparation.