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At our first stream and road cleanup in 2001, Mr. David Hess, (then) Secretary of the PA Department of Evironmental Protection, visited the group and assisted with the cleanup. We removed a huge amount of trash from the stream and road.

Shown here after the cleanup are

Row 1: Rob Piper, Bryan Rabish, David Hess, Jeff Holtz, Bobbie Peltzer, State Rep. Gary Haluska

Row 2: Ed McMullen, Earl Smithmyer, Denny Storm, Donna Carnahan, and Max Sheeler.

On March 26, 2003, members of the Association assisted in fish stocking in Clearfield Creek. Mr. John Dawes of the Heinz Foundation visited to help with the fish stocking, as shown in the photo. The Heinz Foundation funded lab work for our acid mine drainage assessment. Mr. Dawes also visited the Brubaker Run acid discharge and declared it “… the worst I have seen.”

Bryan Rabish, Ray Hollen, Ed McMullen, and Jerry McMullen talk about (macroinvertebrate) bugs while Art Rose pores intently over his.

Jerry McMullen, Ray Hollen, and Earl Smithmyer wad out looking for bugs while Bryan Rabish and Stephanie Wharton supervise. Art Rose remains fascinated with his bugs.

Art Rose is hunting caddis flies.

Ray and Jerry are sorting their bugs while Bryan answers questions in the background

Jerry McMullen is identifying some macro invertebrates.

Art Rose, Stephanie Wharton, Bryan Rabish, Ed McMullen, Jerry McMullen, and Ray Hollen pose for Earl after a long, wet, fun day of bug identification.

Some of the trash cleaned up in March 2002

Earl Smithmyer presents Vanessa Sheeler with a $100 bond. Vanessa’s logo was selected as the winning entry. Her logo remains the Association’s logo to this day. See it in the upper left corner of most pages of our website.

The CCWA was named the Outstanding Watershed Group of 2007 by the Clearfield County Conservation District.