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Clearfield Creek Watershed Assocaition

Mission: The mission of the CCWA organization is to improve and protect the quality and the beauty of the Clearfield Creek and to enhance life in the Clearfield Creek Watershed by:

  • Assessing, monitoring, reclaiming and controlling areas of the Watershed affected by AMD;
  • Promoting wise use and management of natural resources in the Watershed, especially when interacting with property owners and issues which affect the water quality of the Clearfield Creek;
  • Protecting and enhancing open space and natural areas in the Watershed and providing opportunities for the enjoyment of these natural areas;
  • Promoting awareness and appreciation of environmental issues through education so that the community can make sound choices for a sustainable, ecologically healthy future;
  • Organizing exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c )(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code;
  • Establish environmental education and monitoring programs within the school districts.

About CCWAClearfield Creek Watershed Association was founded in 2001. Since that time CCWA has worked to improve the water quality of Clearfield Creek. Clearfield Creek suffers from degraded water due to abandoned mine drainage (AMD). CCWA has worked to improve these impairments and return life to the stream. CCWA has completed a variety of projects in the watershed and continues to work to improve the stream. 

In addition to improving water quality, CCWA also helps to educated youth and the public through various events and programs. Volunteers also complete road and stream clean-up and other community events. If you are interested in learning more about the work of CCWA please attend one our meetings, or an event. 

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The Clearfield Creek Watershed

Click on map for a larger version.A watershed is the area of land that drains to a single body of water. In the case of Clearfield Creek this is the 393 square miles of Clearfield and Cambria County that drain to the stream.  Clearfield Creek starts near Gallitzin and Cresson, and flows about 55 miles to enter the West Branch of the Susquehanna near Clearfield.  All of Clearfield Creek is classified as a warm water fishery, some of the smaller streams in the watershed support trout fishing as well as other species of game fish. 

The area offers many recreational opportunities such as: Prince Gallitzin State Park, state game lands, hiking and biking trails, streams for fishing, and attractions like the Gallitzin Tunnels. 

Despite the natural beauty of this region, the Clearfield Creek watershed is plagued by coal mining’s legacy – Abandoned Mine Drainage (AMD). AMD discharges are caused by abandoned mining; active mines rarely create contaminated discharges. AMD discharges add iron, aluminum, sulfates, manganese, and acidity to local waterways. These pollutants have removed much of the aquatic life in parts of Clearfield Creek.


Chambers Environmental
This site was originally made possible by the Chambers Environmental Group. We thank them for their support and commitment to our efforts. CEG provides professional, cost-effective environmental assessments and remediation solutions. For more information on Chambers Environmental, please visit their site

Cresson Steel
This site is currently sponsored by Cresson Steel. We thank them for their support and their commitment to our efforts. Cresson Steel provides for the recycling of scrap iron and non-ferrous products. 

NMBS has supported our efforts by paying for the Web site between other sponsors as well as by assisting in the ongoing assessment efforts in the watershed. NMBS is an environmental consulting firm which specializes in cleaning up AMD.

We thank these area businesses for supporting our mission. We encourage you to support them. To become a sponsor click here