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Restoration Plans and Assessments

A Restoration Plan for Little Laurel Run Download

Coldwater Conservation Plan for the Potts Run Watershed Download 

AMD Assessment and Restoration Plan for the Potts Run Watershed, Jordan & Knox Townships, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania Download

Morgan Run Watershed Mine Drainage Assessment and Restoration Plan Download 

West Branch Susquehanna River Subbasin Small Watershed Study: Morgan Run Watershed – A Water Quality and Biological Assessment, November 2003-September 2004 Download 

Muddy Run Watershed AMD Restoration Plan 2010 Download

Research Projects

Loading of Acid Mine Drainage from Clearfield and Moshannon Creeks into the West Branch of the Susquehanna River Download

Spatial Analysis of Geochemical Parameters and Loading of Acidity from Moshannon Creek and Clearfield Creek into the West Branch of the Susquehanna River Download 

Technical Assistance Grant Reports

Biological Assessment of Upper Clearfield Creek Download 

Evaluation of the C&K Coal Pit 431 Passive Treatment System Download 

Pit 431 Passive Treatment System Autopsy and Recommendations Download